Shipping details and frequent questions

Once the samples have been collected, the next step is to send them to our laboratory so that they can be processed. In case you have any doubts, here you can see the answers to the most common questions from our customers. 

Are there any special shipping instructions for sending back the tubes?

Do I need to ship the samples overnight? 

No, overnight shipping is not required. Ideally, samples should arrive at the lab within 72h from the time they are collected. However, we have not observed significant changes in the microbial communities for a period of up to 15 days after sampling (at room temperature).

Storage and shipping guidelines.

Given that soil microbiomes are sensitive, here are our recommended guidelines for proper storage and shipping:

  • Soil samples can be stored long-term at -20 °C (-4 °F).
  • Soil samples can be stored for up to 3 days if refrigerated at 0-6 °C (32-48 °F).
  • Ideally, soil samples should be shipped using 1-day shipping with a total transit time not to exceed more than 5 days at room temperature.

How long can I wait between collecting the sample and sending it to Biome Makers for analysis?

It is important that you send your sample(s) back to us for analysis immediately after collection. Waiting for longer increases the risk of introducing foreign microbial contamination and may result in inaccurate analysis. If you are unable to send your samples soon after collection, you may store them at -20ºC to ensure sample integrity until you are able to send them.


How do I send my samples to Biome Makers?

Your samples can be sent to our laboratories using the pre-addressed envelope attached to the sample kit. Please include your samples along with completed metadata sheets to the address pre-written on the envelope.

Is there any document that I can print?

Here you can download a flyer about how to do the sampling and the rest of the process.