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Decoding soil secrets

The process from taking a soil sample to obtaining results to support agricultural decision making is a complex process. Although it is a complex process, we would like to explain the details of each stage so that you can understand how BeCrop can help you in your project.


BeCrop Process

General process

The process starts with the purchase of a service based on BeCrop technology. BeCrop Test, BeCrop Trials or BeCrop Rate. Once the purchase has been made, Biome Makers sends a sampling kit with instructions on how to collect the sample.

Learn more about the services here: 

Subsequently, the sample is sent by the customer to our laboratory where DNA sequencing will be performed. Once the DNA sequencing is done, the machine learning and bioinformatic stage starts. In this stage a translation of the DNA is done to obtain data for the final outcome. 

With all the data obtained, we create a report where the customer can see different dimensions, Biodiversity, Health and Nutrition Pathways related to the samples done. 

Sampling, processing (DNA sequencing and Bioinformatics) and result delivery are the 3 main steps to decoding soil biology into actionable insights. 

Customers can see all the data from their reports on BeCrop Portal, where we provide several tools for comparison between samples and projects to get deeper details to make decisions about specific projects.

1st Stage: Sampling

Client buys a BeCrop Test or BeCrop Trials. Sample collection kit is sent immediately. You can read more about the sampling here. 

2nd Stage: Wet Lab & Dry Lab

Wet Lab (DNA Sequencing) and Dry Lab (Bioinformatics and Machine learning).

Biome Makers samples receives at the lab and analyses the microbial community status.

3rd Stage: Analysis report 

Client receives insights with functional grouping of the microbial species indicating what is in the soil. Stakeholders make farm management decisions to avoid loss, increase profitability and build reputation.

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