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Alberto Acedo, PhD.

Discover the soil microbiome networks


Alberto Acedo, a world-renowned expert in this sector, speaks about soil microbe networks and why they're instrumental in defining disease risk, ag input effectiveness and future yield.


This webinar examines soil microbes and the relationship between them.


Some related topics you can learn more about include: 

  • Understanding soil microbiome as a biomarker.
  • What factors impact soil microbiome.
  • Studies in soil microbiome networks as they relate to several different crops.
  • How localization affects soil microbiome
  • How management practices affect soil microbiome.
  • How meta-communities are created and the importance of analyzing them.

Free Webinar

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Alberto Acedo

Alberto Acedo, PhD.

Biome Makers CSO & Co-Founder

The scientific soul of Biome Makers´ technology, Alberto is an esteemed geneticist who has been awarded multiple honors, including TR35 España in 2014 by MIT Technology Review, CSIC Investigator, and Extraordinary Doctorate Award 2015.

Enthusiastic about biotechnology with extensive experience in this field.