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Soil Health: The Rhizophagy Cycle and the Haney Test

This webinar is presented by experts Dr. Liz Haney and Dr. James White, and hosted by agroecology scientist Joy Youwakim at Biome Makers, a leading biological soil analysis company. 

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This session explores the processes of the rhizophagy cycle, a process by which plants extract crucial nutrients from soil microbes, and explores the Haney Test, an innovative soil health assessment that provides data on plant available nutrients.

Agenda Highlights:

This webinar is designed for a diverse audience, including:
  • Farmers
  • Advisors & Practitioners
  • Agribusinesses



Joy Youwakim

Agroecology Scientist
Biome Makers


Dr. James White

Professor of Plant Pathology
Rutgers University


Dr. Liz Haney

Soil, Ecosystem Scientist and Owner
Soil Regen