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Soil Health Assessment: Complementary Tools

Daniel Almonacid and Lance Gunderson

Complementary Tools For Soil Health
Today, restoring and understanding soil health is an important issue. That’s why, we offered a free webinar where we explain how to use BeCrop to test soil status. Also, Lance Gunderson gave us more details about the Haney test as a complementary tool.
Some of the topics that you can learn about are:
  • What is BeCrop?
  • BeCrop Report
  • Using BeCrop to understand your soil
  • Haney test as a tool

Free Webinar

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Daniel Almonacid

Head of Product & Data Science

Daniel is the 3rd most prolific inventor in the microbiome field worldwide with 107 full patent applications in the US. Daniel holds a Clinical Biochemistry Bachelor's Degree, Universidad de Concepción, (Chile) and Ph.D. in molecular informatics, University of Cambridge (UK).


Lance Gunderson, MS

Lance Gunderson, MS

President & Owner at Regen Ag Lab, LLC.

Lance attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney earning his Bachelors in biology/chemistry in 2005 and his Masters in biology in 2012. He is currently attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln seeking a Doctoral degree in agronomy with an interest in soil microbial ecology and soil health.

Lance served as the Director of Soil Health and New Test Development at Ward Laboratories for nearly eight years where he and his team implemented and performed Haney, PLFA, soil enzymes, aggregate stability and water holding capacity tests. In 2019, Lance founded Regen Ag Lab, which focuses on established and newly developed agronomic tests designed to aid producers in managing their operations under the regenerative ag model.