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Key facts about product performance in tomato plants and soil microbiome

In this webinar, Valeria Contartese and Diego Moreno and Ifigenia Urbina have discussed how ag input manufacturers can analyze the indirect and direct effects of their products on the soil microbiome by using BeCrop® technology, specifically with BeCrop® Trials.

In this case, we studied the changes of applying the product VIVEMA TWIN from Greenhas Group to tomato crops.


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Valeria Contartese R&D director at Greenhas Group, will explain the results obtained thanks to the use of BeCrop® Trials and how the technology has verified the effects of VIVEMA TWIN. From phosphorus solubilization to roots changes, learning more about the nutrients and hormone production. 

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Valeria Contartese - Greenhas Group

Valeria Contartese

R&D Director,
Greenhas Group

Diego Moreno - Biome Makers

Diego Moreno

Head of Sales EMEA and Latam,
Biome Makers

Ifigenia Urbina

Ifigenia Urbina

Head of Product Specialist EU,
Biome Makers

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