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Monitoring Impact of Biologicals in Your Soil

In this webinar, we dig into the findings of a recent collaborative case study with Replenish Nutrients on testing a biological ag input product, regenerative phosphate builder, and its effects on the soil microbiome of barley fields in Strathmore, Alberta.

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Neil Weins, a barley farmer and CTO at Replenish Nutrients, joins Biome Makers to discuss the data collected in this case study, explore how to interpret and utilize soil data to make informed decisions about ag inputs on your farm, and assist with product development for ag input manufacturers to improve crop yields.

Key takeaways from the webinar:


Neil Weins - Headshot

Neil Weins,

Barley farmer & CTO
Replenish Nutrients

Gus Plamann - Headshot

Gus Plamann

Biome Makers Inc.