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Full Circle Approach to Soil Testing:

How BeCrop Test and Haney Test go hand-in-hand

Are you tired of using traditional soil testing methods that only provide a partial picture of soil health? If so, join us for this webinar to explore how the BeCrop Test and Haney Test work together to provide a comprehensive, full-circle approach to soil testing.

The BeCrop soil testing system is based on combined advanced genomics, microbial networks, and machine learning, which helps to provide an even clearer picture of soil health. It complements grid sampling and the Haney test by providing a data-driven picture of the microbial networks in the soil. By using the BeCrop test, farmers can identify what fertilizers have been used in the field and determine what's blocking nutrient pathways.

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During this webinar, we discuss the benefits of using a full-circle approach to soil testing and the role that the BeCrop and Haney Tests play in this approach. We also discuss how these tests can be used to create more precise soil management plans that can lead to increased crop yields and improved soil health.

Learn from Lance Gunderson, Owner of Regen Ag Lab, Meri Mullins, and Gus Plamann, soil health experts at Biome Makers, who share their insights and experiences with using these tests. Whether you're a farmer looking to improve your soil health or an agronomist looking to enhance your soil testing capabilities, this webinar is for you.

In this webinar, we explore:


Lance G

Lance Gunderson

Regen Ag Lab


Meri Mullins

Technical Account Lead
Biome Makers Inc.

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Gus Plamann

Biome Makers Inc.