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From Dirt to Gold:

Unveiling the Resilience of Midwest Row Crops through Soil Health Practices with The Farm Babe

During this webinar, we showcased the results of soil health management on a corn and soybean farm in Iowa. We explored the inspiring outcomes achieved through the implementation of no-till, cover crops, crop rotation, and comprehensive soil testing.

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During this webinar, we feature “The Farm Babe” Michelle Miller, a renowned influencer from the agricultural industry,  and Gus Plamann, Agronomist at Biome Makers. The Farm Babe utilized Biome Makers BeCrop Test to ensure her farming practices match up with her underground soil biology ecosystem. 

Key takeaways from the webinar:


Gus Plamann - Headshot

Gus Plamann

Agronomist, USA
Biome Makers Inc.

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Michelle Miller

Keynote speaker, columnist, writer & online influencer
The Farm Babe