Case Study

Impact of LIVENTIA Biostimulants on Tree Crops

LIVENTIA Biostimulants, an agricultural input manufacturer specializing in microbial inoculants, faced the challenge of demonstrating the performance of their products. Despite visual results in crops and strong claims, they lacked the tools to validate the effectiveness of their biostimulants and provide a mode of action for their farmer clients.


Results after BeCrop Recommendations

Tree & Root Development

Nutrient Mobilization & Belowground Biodiversity

The Solution

LIVENTIA recognized the need for a robust validation tool to showcase their product's performance. LIVENTIA turned to Biome Makers to conduct BeCrop® Trials. LIVENTIA started various trials in Chico, California, with hopes of analyzing the impact of the biostimulant products on walnuts, almonds, and table grapes.

BeCrop® Trials are a series of soil tests that are taken at different locations and at different points in time and then analyzed using advanced genomics and AI to understand the impact of ag inputs on the soil microbiome.


BeCrop® Trials conducted for walnuts yielded valuable findings, including the positive effects of potassium mobilization, increased biodiversity, and cost reduction in walnut production. The improvements in hormone levels further optimized the growth and overall productivity of walnut trees. Thanks to the precise data-driven guidance from BeCrop®, LIVENTIA's biostimulants played a crucial role in enhancing walnut cultivation, resulting in healthier and more productive walnut orchards.

For almond cultivation, LIVENTIAs adoption of BeCrop® Trials led to noteworthy outcomes. The trials resulted in a significant increase in tree development and root growth, positively impacting almond yields. Moreover, the trials led to a reduction in fertilizer costs and improvements in respiration levels. Given the challenges posed by varying weather conditions, such as cold winters and hot summers, BeCrop® Trials played a vital role in alleviating stress on almond trees, ensuring their long-term health and productivity.

Watch the video and interview with Rhett Cinquini, Head of US Business Development Agriculture at Liventia >>


Early observations for table grapes have been positive, motivating the company to explore expanding BeCrop Trials to vineyards. With the data-driven insights offered by BeCrop, LIVENTIA is optimistic about reaping similar benefits in grape cultivation, enhancing the quality and yields of their grape harvests.

Through BeCrop Trials, LIVENTIA Biostimulants successfully harnessed data-driven insights to unlock the full potential of their products across a diverse range of crops, including strawberries, walnuts, almonds, and grapes.

The partnership with Biome Makers empowered LIVENTIA and its farming partners, like Rhett Cinquini, to make more informed decisions, optimize crop management practices, and achieve remarkable success in sustainable and profitable agriculture. “We’ve been able to transform our approach to product validation and optimization through the partnership with Biome Makers,” Cinquini adds. Through this partnership with Biome Makers, LIVENTIA has solidified its position as a reputable and forward-thinking company in the biological space.

Watch the video and interview with Rhett Cinquini, Head of US Business Development Agriculture at Liventia >>

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BeCrop Trials allows us to validate our hypotheses and demonstrate the biological mode of action of the effects of LIVENTIA products on crops over time–boosting consumer confidence and sales.
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Rhett Cinquini

Head of US Business Development Agriculture at LIVENTIA.