Case Study

Biological Input Selection

A retailer wanted to build confident recommendations of ag inputs for a 200-acre Brussel Sprouts farm in Watsonville, California. Also, he wanted to reduce agrochemical NPK and still enable farmers to improve their yield.


Results by the numbers


$ Saved Per Acre


$ Savings Per Year

The Solution

He completed a BeCrop® Test, a microbiome analysis of the soil. BeCrop® identified medium biodiversity and low respiration rates, translating into low microbiological activity and very low nutrient supply to the plant.

The grower’s trusted advisor recommended a new fertilization practice, a combination of products providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in lower quantities, and the addition of micronutrients, liquid compost, seaweed extract, and amino acids to nourish the plants and stimulate the soil microbiota.


By following the BeCrop® recommendations, the producer saved $114.79 per acre, with a total of $22,958 of savings per year on his 200-acre farm, and a positive impact on yield and quality.

The farmer reinvested the savings in biologicals having 8% higher yield and crop quality. The retailer got the same revenue but increase the profit 5x by selling higher-margin inputs.

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