Case Study

Biological Input Selection

5th generation farmer, Matt Rasmussen operates Rasmussen Farm growing soybeans, white and yellow corn in eastern Nebraska. Each year, Matt completes a chemical soil test to understand the nutrients available in his farm system. Last year, he completed a chemical soil test and a plant tissue test, but the results did not match up. He took tissue samples every week from the beginning to the mature stages of plant growth. He was not seeing responses from the crops based on the nutritional elements that were identified in the chemical soil test. He wanted to determine why the crops were not receiving the K and Mg that tested high in the soil. He saw a big gap in soil digestion and nutrient uptake. He searched for ways to improve his fields before the growing season and discovered the BeCrop® Test.

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Results by the numbers


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Bushels Per Acre - Yield Average Increased

The Solution

Matt completed BeCrop® Test to identify nutrient pathway improvements, understand his disease risks, and predict the effectiveness of fertilizer practices. BeCrop® provided a full digestion and nutrient availability report and recommended switching to biological input practices to unlock his nutrient potential.

Biome Makers suggested biological input products like inoculants and plant growth promoters to supplement plant nutrient uptake.


After doing the BeCrop® Test, and listening to Biome Makers’ product recommendations, Matt’s white corn yielded a pound and a half greater test weight than in previous years, his whole farm soybean yield average increased by 25 bushels highlighted by one particular soybean yield check exploding to a record 108 bushels per acre!  All was made possible by introducing biological solutions that worked in harmony with chemical fertilizer applications and timing.

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BeCrop Test

The most advanced biological soil testing.

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BeCrop showed which biology I had for good nutrient pathways. If you are not testing, you are guessing. Biome Makers helps take a lot of that guesswork out with the technology they provide. BeCrop is the key to productive and nutrient-dense crops.
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Matt Rasmussen

Farm Manager, Rasmussen Farms