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BeCrop as a tool to understand biological soil differences in vineyards

Nicolas Grafia - European Sales Manager

Soil biological differences between vineyards

 Nicolas Grafia, one of our specialists explained the results and conclusion of this project to understand BeCrop as a tool to identify biological differences between 2 vineyards sectors. Also, Ljubomir Jelavić, director of Kairos Vina, gave us more information about how technology impacts company decision-making.
Some of the topics that you can learn more about are: 
  • Soil microbial composition
  • Soil biosustainability
  • Soil Health
  • Nutrient pathways

Free Webinar

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Nicolas Grafia

Europe sales manager

Agronomist Engineer with 10+ years of experience in sales and marketing within the agriculture industry (AgTech, biotechnology, ag-inputs). Highly experienced in row crops management and good knowledge of intensive agriculture.



Ljubomir Jelavić

Director of Kairos Vina

Background in law and humanities. Director of family-owned wine production business based in central Dalmatia, Croatia (Kairos vina). Exploring the potentials of rural development in Dalmatia.

In that respect, betting on tech and design as drivers of systemic change.