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BeCrop as a Product Development Tool

Validating Biological Products for Agriculture

We are pleased to have three expert speakers from leading agricultural companies to discuss the impact of BeCrop as a product development tool. This webinar explores the fundamentals of BeCrop Trials, how they are conducted, and their significance in validating biological products. 

Speakers Robin Ross, co-owner, science and technology at AgNexus Consulting, and Leon Pratchler, CEO of Humaterra, also discuss their project goals, study design, and the most significant effects, trends, and changes observed using BeCrop Trials to analyze their innovative products.

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Attendees will gain valuable insights into the best practices for conducting BeCrop Trials and validating agricultural biological products. Learn about the latest trends and innovations in this field and discover how BeCrop Trials can help you ensure the efficacy of your biological products.

In this webinar, we will explore:



Robin Ross

Co-owner, Science and Technology
AgNexus Consulting


Leon Pratchler



John Appel

Head of Commercial Sales NA
Biome Makers Inc.