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Agricultural Trends and Challenges

Report 2021 

Understanding the Future of Agriculture
Agriculture has started to address the most pressing challenges it faces today, including how to improve the quantity and quality of crops while minimizing the environmental impact of particular farming practices.
Changes in agriculture are motivated by several key factors: the need to adapt to evolving consumer tastes and trends, more restrictive regulations placed on the use of certain crop inputs, and the increasing urgency to generate a positive impact on the environment to mitigate climate change.
Covering a wide range of topics, we asked growers about their projections for the upcoming 2021 farming season and received amazing feedback from questions such as: Are you satisfied with the efficiency of your ag input? Are you looking for new technologies to help you increase productivity?

To create the report, we relied on the participation of nearly 100 farmers and agronomists, along with insights from field experts, retailers and input manufacturers on key survey findings.

Learn more about the various concerns facing agriculture today and how different stakeholders are planning to address them, including:

  • Adaptability towards smart agriculture to address climate change
  • Ag input efficiency reviews and farmer satisfaction rates
  • Versatility of AgTech solutions and potential barriers
  • Challenges and tendencies facing the next generation of farmers
  • Contrasts between European vs American farmers

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