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Ag input quality control using the soil microbiome

Francisco López and David Olson

Understanding soil biodiversity and nutrient pathways
Francisco López, one of our in-house agronomists, speaks about the importance of soil biodiversity and how to leverage microbial nutrient cycling pathways. We also hosted David Olson, co-owner of Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC (SGS), an input manufacturer specializing in microbial inoculants and plant nutrition products.
David provided further details on how to use soil microbiome analyses for product quality control and development, and how to identify and quantify the microbial species in products along with their plant-beneficial functional characteristics.
Other topics you can learn more about in this free webinar include:
  • What is soil biodiversity?
  • How is soil biodiversity measured?
  • Microbial nutrient cycling.
  • How BeCrop helps optimize nutrient cycling.

Free Webinar

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Francisco López

Agronomist at Biome Makers

Francisco Lopez is responsible for agronomy at Biome Makers in the USA. Francisco is from Madrid where he graduated as an Agricultural Engineer in 2016. In 2019, after several years of fieldwork in the Spanish and Californian wine industry, he obtained his master's degree in Viticulture at the University of California Davis (USA) where he also worked as an assistant professor of Wine Microbiology. He is currently in charge of supporting the interpretation and actionability of the soil functional results generated by the BeCrop platform. His hobbies include surfing, mountain climbing, and traveling the world. He has lived in Spain, the US, and Chile. 


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David Olson

Co-owner of Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC (SGS)

Dave is a 6th generation California farmer.  He grew up on the family pear, apple, row and vegetable crop farm.  As a kid, he did pretty much all of the different farm jobs including field trial work with his dad’s first experiments utilizing organic inputs (45 years ago), and subsequent trials with biological products (35 years ago).  Dave started one of the earliest airborne multispectral remote sensing companies focused on agricultural production diagnostics.  He has consulted on over a million acres of farmland and on over 70 different crops.  SGS was started 8 years ago and has developed over a dozen different microbe and fertilizer products.  SGS continues to service customers all over the United States.